Powering Growth

When you need permanent power distribution from the utility company to your hotel, school, or commercial building, Foresite has the expertise to put the power you need, precisely where you need it. We furnish and install building wires, connectors, and electrical devices rated 600 Volts and less. As a women-owned company, we are fully compliant with national and local codes, OSHA safety principles, and all insurance requirements. 
Our existing relationships with the United States Armed Services, Marriott Hotels, Verizon, Stryker Medical, and AT&T are a testament to our proven skills and experience in the power arena. Complete references are available upon request.

Equipment furnished and installed may include:

  • Transformers & Switch Gear
  • Distribution Panel Boards & Circuit Breakers
  • Grounding System
  • Lighting
  • Starters for Motors
  • Power Source and Disconnects for HVAC/Rooftop Units (RTUs)
  • Generators & Data Centers
  • Control Wiring for Fire Alarm & Detection Devices
  • Access Control Wiring
  • Wiring for Temperature Control Devices
  • Overhead Dock Door Systems
  • Site Lighting
  • Electrical Metering
  • Demolition/Renovation


Rather than bid on a project sight unseen, all Foresite projects include a pre-on-site conference, bid submission with estimated quantities of commercial brand name components, and as-built CAD drawings. Included in the price is the com pliance with specifications, submittal compliance, references, unit pricing, and the advantage of our 25+ years of experience.

As security for the faithful performance of a contract, and for the protection of our work force and the owner’s investment/project materials, Foresite will provide bid security guarantees and contract bonding, executed by an authorized surety company in an amount equal to 100% of the project price.


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